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To facilitate the full adoption of Family Behavior Therapy (FBT), various standardized administrative protocols have been developed that expeditiously, and efficiently, facilitate service delivery. These protocols are constructed as basic templates that may be quickly and easily adapted to fit the unique needs of agency administrations. For instance, protocols are available to guide the process of recruitment, obtain referrals, and process the necessary paperwork that may be utilized to prepare clients to be admitted to the clinic. There are also protocols available to assist in determining if clients meet the established clinic criteria, to guide pre-treatment assessment, record program data, and prepare and implement post-treatment assessments. Lastly, the standardized method of FBT permits progress notes, treatment plans, releases of/for information, and termination reports to be reduced to quick and easy fill in the blank forms, while maintaining extremely high records of excellence.


Many of these administrative forms may be obtained in electronic form from the FBT treatment manual books.

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