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Undergraduate Student or Community Volunteer Member

Get on TOPP of your undergraduate experience!

Process of Becoming a Member

For one year, TOPP members dedicate a minimum of 7 scheduled hours per week conducting their responsibilities and attending a 60 minute program meeting. They are respecting of cultural diversity, passionate to learn, responsive to feedback, intelligent, achievement oriented, socially adept, and compassionate. As an undergraduate student they evidence a minimum G.P.A. of 3.2 (freshman & sophomore) or 3.4 (junior & senior). If you meet these criteria, please complete the following application if you are interested.

A standardized evaluation form will be used to evaluate your character and qualifications during the interview. Upon acceptance as a member, you will receive an email or telephone call within 1 week scheduling you for an electronic orientation and program meeting, in-person feedback meeting, and you will be initially assigned to Community Service, Training, and/or Program Development, Research, and Evaluation. If you do not receive correspondence within 1 week, please contact the Membership Coordinator at 702-895-2468. In case you are not accepted into TOPP after the interview, you will receive a letter encouraging you to apply in the future when your application is stronger.


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